Our Home

Our Blessed Home, 4191 Hayvenhurst Drive, Encino, CA
51 Years Sept 2011

As I write this, September of 2011, I think of how fortunate we were, and are, to have moved into our Encino community. When we arrived here Labor Day 1960, our sons, Ron (10), Dan (5), and Paul (2) were thrilled to have a swimming pool in their backyard. And Marjorie and I were pleased to have the Lanai Road Elementary School (from which they all graduated) just a few doors from our home.

And within a few minutes of our home, we had easy access to Gelson’s, a “carriage-trade” grocery store, the Encino Park with its playground, elite shopping along Ventura Blvd, and Temple Judea where we became active members and celebrated many family “happenings” (weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, etc).

Over the years we have had many happy times in our home: parties, celebrations of special days (e.g., birthdays, holidays, etc) and backyard “bashes”, etc.

And…most importantly, Marjorie has made our home a work of art. Throughout our home, she has arranged her art and decorative objects (see www.marjsart.elliskatz.net) to become a most pleasing and, yes, exciting display.

And we’ve enjoyed our immediate neighborhood: our neighbors (the Porters, the Harrisons, the Lidz’s, the Albers, the Winters, the Yousems) walks in our hills, the backdrop of the beautiful Santa Monica mountains with trails we know.

…And now, as I write this, we delight more than ever in the comfort and beauty of our home where we have lived and loved and raised a family that has expanded to include daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are blessed beyond words.


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Bedroom Wing