Marjorie & Ellis…A Love Story

Throughout Our Lives Together July 28, 1946-July 28, 2012

We’ve lived in Hampton and Newport News, VA… in Levittown and Islip, NY… and in Whittier and, now, Encino, CA… And have been active Members of Temples wherever we’ve lived

Marjorie has made our Encino Home a place of Beauty, Fine Art and Love

We’ve hiked the Hills of Encino, our Nike Trail in the Santa Monicas, and our walks into our Encino Village

We’ve hiked the Cotswold’s, the Alps, hiked and backpacked the High Sierra…

We’ve driven the byways of Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Sicily, Spain…and, of course, our own U.S.

We’ve stayed in the traditional villages of the Southern Alps region of Japan

We’ve been “actors” on an ocean cruise…We’ve cruised the Mississippi and the Seine

We’ve had happy years of golf at our Encino courses and as members of the Calabasas Country Club. And…not to forget tennis as couples and singles.

Marjorie has created a collection of fine art and has sold in local galleries… Ellis played an engineering management role in the Apollo Manned Lunar Program

We’ve been part of social and study groups: Havurah, Movie Buffs, Book Club, Investorettes, SAGE, Mah Jong, etc…

We’ve enjoyed many theatrical plays and picnics at the Hollywood Bowl, music at the Dorothy Chandler and the American Youth Symphony

We’ve had (and yet have) many wonderful friends, and dinner out with them has become one of our favorite things.

Each Sabbath evening, our family has observed the Shabbat around our beautifully set dinner table…even now; we say our Shabbat prayers and remembrances each Friday.

We’ve celebrated many happy holidays in our Encino Home: Chanukah, Passover, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc…and remember those moments with Grandmom and Granddad Katz

MOST OF ALL…We’ve created a beautiful family: three Loving Sons (Ron, Dan, Paul) who have given us three beautiful Girls (Susan, Michelle, Tina)…Grandson Byron (and Wife Susanne), Granddaughters Elysa (and Husband Dan Simone), Erica and Joelle…and Great Grandsons Cameron, David, Nathan, Corey.

They met on a Sunday in March 1946 at a tea party-dance in Richmond, VA where Marjorie was completing her college degree in Fine Arts at RPI, an extension of William & Mary.
Ellis, who worked as an engineer/scientist at the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; predecessor of NASA) in Hampton VA, had taken a train to Richmond where he met Marjorie at the party. They were engaged in June and married in Chattanooga, Marjorie’s birth place, 28 July, 46

Their first home was an apartment in Hampton where Ellis was an aeronautical engineer at the NACA, Langley Field. Here they are with a group of friends at an outing. Their special friends in Hampton were the Savages and the Gales who later joined them for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Ron came along on 28 Feb 50 and their little family was on its way.  They moved out of their one-bedroom flat in Hampton to a “spacious” two-bedroom apartment in Newport News. By this time they had a car of their own: a 49 Ford!

In May 51, they moved to Levittown, NY, where Ellis began work for Fairchild Aircraft Guided Missile Division.  After a year, they rented a small house on St Marks Lane in Islip (farther out on the island).  They were very happy there and decided to build a home nearby.  Marjorie and Ellis were thrilled to finally have their own home (below), but, unfortunately, Fairchild began to lose business.  In May 55, Ellis was offered a promising position by North American Aviation in Downey, CA and, so after one year in their new home, they moved toCalifornia.

As Marjorie was about to give birth to her second child, she traveled to Dalton, GA, to be with her parents where on, 24 June 55, Dan was born.  Ellis, meantime, had found a house on Penn St. in Whittier and, so by July 55, the family was reunited.  The family enjoyed nearby Penn Park and became good friends with the Ehlers family who lived nearby.  On occasion there were trips to Baja, Mexico, to the beaches and to nearby mountains.  But a special treat was being able to visit with Ellis’s parents who had moved to Los Angeles back in 51.  By 20 Sep 58, Paul rounded out the happy family.

In May 60, Ellis was offered a substantial promotion by Hughes Aircraft in Culver City.  As the commute from Whittier was difficult, on Labor Day 60, the family moved into their present home on Hayvenhurst Drive in Encino.

Encino became a very happy home for the family. They became active members of Temple Judea, made many friends, explored the beautiful mountains and seacoasts and have been blessed with health and prosperity.

In 1963 Ellis returned to North American Aviation as an engineering manager on the Apollo [NASA’s Manned Lunar Landing] Program.

During all the years of raising her family, Marjorie had put off her love for creating fine art. Now…she took up her her brushes and began to display and sell her works in local art galleries. The photo is of Marjorie standing before her self-portrait at a local art show.

There were many happy moments with friends…their Havurah group from Temple Judea (below on an outing to Napa Valley) and Marjorie’s Investorette stock (and social)  club

Walking and hiking were always a part of their lives.  They have hiked the High Sierra, the Cotswold’s (England), the Swiss Alps, and trails in Spain

And there were adventurous driving trips through the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland.  Here on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, they enjoy a scene with their friends, the Goodman’s.

…And their sons grew and prospered.  Ron became a Memphis entrepreneur and businessman, Dan created a successful advertising company, and Paul became an attorney-at-law.

…And here is where their “cup did truly runneth over”!  Their sons gave to Marjorie and Ellis three darling daughters: Susan, Michelle and Tina who brought beauty and love into their family… and four grandchildren: Byron, Elysa, Erica and Joelle.  And Byron, with Dearest Susanne, living in Atlanta, has now added a great grandson, Cameron, while Elysa has married Dan Simone and lives in Portland, OR.

But the most wonderful moment of all for the happy couple was their children’s gift of their 50th Wedding party held at the Calabasas Country Club.  It was a festive occasion with their family and friends from far and wide.

Yes…and for sixty-six “story book” years, Marjorie and Ellis have lived…and do live…a “Love Story”